KOM Sports Marketing has over 25 years of experience in global and national sports marketing, including brand development, integrated marketing in reaching clients business goals and strategies. KOM specializes in integrated marketing strategies, executing big ideas for big results.

Our staff has been involved in six Olympic Games, two Goodwill Games, various Olympic Trials, and is working extensively on the following world-class events: USA Pro Challenge, Tour of Alberta, USA Wrestling, World Cup for freestyle wrestling, and 2015 World Championships for wrestling and World Cycling Championships for cycling.

KOM Sports Marketing can provide valuable insight and knowledge of your marketing plan through these areas:

  • Development of Marketing Strategies
  • National and Local Market Promotion
  • Development of Public Platforms (School Programs, Clinics, etc.)
  • Idea Generation and Fulfillment for Partners
  • Marketing Integration of Television, Radio and Print Advertising
  • Strategic Advertising Partnerships
  • Grass Roots and Industry Marketing
  • Promotional Fulfillment
  • Website Development and Integration
  • Social Media Development and Integration

KOM has helped create and/or develop 11 world-class sports brands over the past 10 years, many with award-winning results. Using its extensive experience, KOM will create an integrated plan to develop a brand and its properties while integrating exposure on various marketing platforms to yield maximum results. KOM also has created many new assets for its clients that have helped monetize or offset costs within marketing plans.


KOM Sports Marketing has years of professional experience in providing clients with communications and public relations support. With our extensive relationships with high profile publications/newspapers, television networks, cycling teams, athletes and organizations (USOC), KOM has the expertise to enhance our clients PR efforts and maximize the exposure of their events.

Our staff has years of experience in coordinating media areas, press conferences, working back with host cities, venues and the media during events that include the Amgen Tour of California, Wrestling World Cup, USA Pro Challenge and the Tour of Alberta.

KOM Sports Marketing can provide added knowledge and support in these areas of communications and public relations:

  • Development of Press Releases
  • Database of National and International Publications
  • Media Operations
  • Content Development
  • Idea Generation for Event Publicity
  • Newsletter Development
  • Email Blast Integration
  • Development of Media and Event Guides
  • Social Media Integration
  • National Product Placement


KOM Sports Marketing has developed years of extensive partnerships with several national, industry and Olympic sponsors to further enhance sport properties. KOM has raised and managed more than $1 million in sponsorship and activation. Our company has the knowledge, market insight and can assist, drive and research potential sponsors to reach our clients sponsorship goals and objectives to put on an amazing event.

KOM has developed professional relationships, while securing and fulfilling sponsorship for our clients that include USA Pro Challenge, Wrestling World Cup, Wrestling World Championships, Tour of Alberta and UCI Richmond World Cycling Championships.

KOM Sports Marketing can provide added sponsorship benefits through these areas:

  • Property Asset Analysis and Evaluation
  • Asset Development and Sponsorship Extensive Platforms
  • Sponsorship Research and Development
  • Strategic Sponsorship Plan and Outline
  • Access to Sponsor Relationships
  • Lead Generation and Sales
  • Sponsorship Fulfillment
  • Television and Mass Media Integration/Creation
  • Creative Sponsorship Packaging
  • Sponsorship and Brand Positioning
  • Revenue Generation (Fundraising, Merchandise and Licensing)


KOM Sports Marketing works diligently with our clients to plan and execute their events to the highest quality. KOM provides oversight of the marketing plan, strategies and execution to successfully promote an event locally, nationally and internationally. Through KOM’s consulting, we’ve created, developed and perpetuated 11 world-class events and brands in our 10 year history.

KOM Sports Marketing can provide added consulting expertise in these areas:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Execution of Marketing Plans and Strategy
  • Sponsorship Strategy and Plan
  • Communications Strategy and Plan
  • Public Relations Strategy and Plan


KOM Sports Marketing manages the development, delivery, and fulfillment of sponsorship packages for each event. KOM oversees the production of marketing collateral, digital integration, signage components for both event and sponsorship activation, VIP experiences and extensive programs for our clients. KOM is great at developing fresh new ideas for activation with partners and events.

Areas of activation include:

  • Management of Sponsor Contracts for Fulfillment
  • Generation of Marketing Collateral for Events
  • Presence Marketing
  • Management and Development of Signage, Marketing Collateral, and Delivery

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